Marital Tips: Designed for a Successful Marriage

Marital Tips: Designed for a Successful Marriage


This Marital Tip’s book is not the least bit ordinary. It is one that is on time and ready for today’s generation of people who are hungry for truth and information they can trust. This book will carefully guide and assist with the many decisions that are critical to a successful, lasting, and fulfilling marriage.

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I believe there is a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation about  marriage.  After enjoying a successful marriage of 64 years and being a licensed Marriage/Family Therapist for 20 years, I believe it is my duty to share and impart knowledge gained with a generation that is seeking guidance and truth in this critical area of their lives.  Additionally, I have three grown children who are all enjoying 30 plus years of happy marriage.

The book contains six areas of concentration:

  • The proper foundation on which marriage is to be built
  • Stages of a successful marriage
  • Six pitfalls to overcome
  • Six strongholds to pull down
  • Two dozen marital tips
  • When is it time to depart


Product Details

Paperback: 82 pages

Publisher: Lifebuilders Publishing (August 1, 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0983839204

ISBN-13: 978-0983839200